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Converting a Toyota Truck to run on battery power
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This is by no means a complete list.

EV Resources

Huge collection of individual conversions with specs.
The big email discussion list (it gets hundreds of messages a day)
Its a wikibook on EV conversions! :)
Lots of info.
Name says it all...

Parts and Kits
(I have not connection with these companies. I have either purchased from or became aware of from surfing the web)

Siemens and Brusa AC EV parts.
Home of the Zilla. A very popular DC EV controller.
Ev parts and Kits - Both AC and DC, they also make adapter plates.
A supplier of DC kits and parts.
Lots of EV components.
Lots of stuff..

EV's available, or soon to be

The super sweet all electric sports car
Soon to be available Electric SUV and SUV/Pickup
Soon to be
A sweet little 3-wheeler :)
A futuristic looking 3-wheeler to be available as electric or hybrid

Personal EV Sites
(these are sites I have used frequently for reference)

Victor is the guy who has Metric Mind Engineering
This bug uses the same system I am.
Electric Jeep... DC


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