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Converting a Toyota Truck to run on battery power
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Why Electric:

A few reasons for why I am converting a vehicle to electric.

Number one: Simply put, the only reason we are driving vehicles with internal combustion engines today, is because there is so much profit to be made from pumping free oil out of the ground. The worlds populace at large is being ripped off so a few can make more money then they will ever use.
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Number two: When California introduced a ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mandate in the 1990's it required 2% of all new cars sold by the seven major auto manufacturers in the state of California to be Zero Emission Vehicles by 1998 and 10% by 2003. GM responded my manufacturing the EV-1, Ford made an electric Ranger and Toyota made an electric RAV-4. These would all have been highly successful vehicles if it hadn't been for the lack of publicity they were given by their purposely pathetic marketing. Less than a thousand of each were ever built, they were all leased with no option to buy and when the motor companies succeeded in removing the mandate in 2003, GM recalled all of the EV-1's and crushed them. 1 or 2 exist in museums but their motors and electronics have been removed for fear that people would be able to see what was possible. Ford recalled most of their Rangers, but when Toyota sold all of their RAV-4's, Ford relented and sold a few Rangers to individuals.
For more information on these three vehicles do a quick google search online.

I hope that explains how Electric vehicles are possible, were possible and were actually commercially produced for a short period of time.

Number three: Well it looks like I don't have to be driving something that burns fossil fuels after all. If they could do it, so can I, and as a matter of fact, thousands of hobbyists have been converting vehicles to electric for years with great success. At the moment the only drawback is the lack of affordable advanced battery technology (mind you this is only a drawback for individuals (because of the small quantities that these batteries are being produced)) so most of us are left with Lead Acid batteries which is the only readily available technology and this limits range on a charge to between around 20 and 70 miles, depending on the vehicle and configuration. Those of us lucky enough to get our hands on lithium batteries can cut the battery pack weight in half and double the energy capacity.

Number four: Umm, just general interest I guess. I have been researching and planning on building an electric vehicle for the last several years.

My goals are: education, demonstration and transportation. Educate the public, Demonstrate to the public, and Drive myself around.

...oh and a lot of people say "if your electricity comes from coal than isn't it cleaner to burn gasoline?" That is a hard question to answer. For starters, where do you begin the comparison? To be truly accurate you would have to take into account the mining of coal and the drilling of oil, the power plant efficiency and the process of refining oil, and so on, and so on, all the way to your commute. So I don't actually know, but for any form of generating electricity other than coal you're definitely way cleaner with an EV. And, if your energy is from wind, solar, geothermal etc. then you have truly Zero Emissions transportation. :D

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